About Peeka Ranch
The Alpaca world is new & different to La Nell & I. We got interested in Alpaca’s while we were on vacation in New England. We purchased our first animal in 2006 from Spring Pond Farms in New Hampshire. We have since purchased some additional Alpaca’s.

We’ve been visiting Farms and going to shows for a couple of years now and have enjoyed the people and the industry.

We are still doing the business world stuff day to day, but look forward to easing out of the day to day business.

We spend most of our time at the ranch. It is progressing nicely. We have an old 2 bed room house and 4 barns. Hopefully we have enough capacity to take care of the now herd and a little of the future.

We are looking forward to the challenges that are
before us.
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Peeka Ranch          13350 FM 389           Burton Texas 77835          713.628.9297


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